The Corporate Volunteer Council of Central New York (CVC) is a coalition of businesses, organizations and associations that recognize the importance of volunteerism in our community. The CVC functions as a partner of United Way of Central New York, operating independently but receiving support from United Way. Our mission is to provide professional guidance, development, support and networking opportunities for members and to address community needs through employee, retiree, member and family volunteer efforts.

Why You Should Join the Corporate Volunteer Council of Central New York? Whether you volunteered for the role of coordinator or you were selected, the Corporate Volunteer Council can help you be successful. When you join the CVC you will:
  • Exchange information with other organizations and learn the best practices of the community's leading companies, organizations and associations.

  • Multiply your organization's limited resources through partnership efforts.

  • Stay current on local volunteer issues.

  • Improve your skills as a leader. Membership with the CVC will help you become a better coordinator and motivator for your organization.

  • Receive support in developing and expanding your employee or member volunteer program.

  • Enhance your organization's business, public and community relations. Did you know that positive media exposure and good public relations are worth more than double the value of advertising?

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