April is Volunteer Recognition Month!

VolunteerCNY is celebrating volunteer recognition month by highlighting volunteers from across the region. 

Brennan Carman- 
Brennan, a graduating senior at CBA has been volunteering in the Junior Volunteer Program for the past two years. Brennan has served in many different positions in the hospital from clinical assignment with direct contact with patients to assisting the Spiritual Care department, as well as in the valet parking office. His creativity and work ethic has made Brennan a “go-to-guy” as a volunteer in many departments of the hospital. Brennan has overcome his own handicap of being legally blind and has worked hard to contribute more than 321 hours of volunteering for the hospital.  Brennan is a Crouse Hospital volunteer.
Carrie Ann Challis
Carrie Ann has been volunteering for Girl Scouts since September 2013. Over the past few years Carrie Ann has not only delivered over 384 but she has grown to become one of the top facilitators for the Girl Scouts bully prevention program, Be a Friend First (BFF). With her help Girl Scouts has been able to deliver the BFF program to over 900 girls in the Syracuse City School District. Carrie Ann has demonstrated a commitment to the Girl Scouts mission and as the BFF program has grown, she now helps educate other facilitators so that they can learn from her experience.
Mike Kyle-Ducharme
Mike has been volunteering at ACR Health since January 1993. For over 23 years Mike has played a key role as a member of the ACR Special Events Committee. As the course Logistics Coordinator Mike is dedicated to reviewing course safety, set up, and coordinating volunteers. He has volunteered in this role for 64 events to date, helping ACR Health raise over $4 million in the process. Mike is also an avid supporter of the Adolescent Health Initiative, and has worked to partner his employer, Rite Aid, to host flu shot clinics for ACR Health Staff and services to clients. Mike promotes ACR Health’s mission in all of his work and he is committed to finding new ways to partner, fundraise, and help.
Elaine Abrams
Elaine has volunteered at the Milton J. Rubinstein Museum of Science & Technology, in Syracuse for over 20 years.  Since 2007 when Most began tracking volunteer hours Elaine has donated more than 2000 hours of service. She has volunteered in the Science Store, helping with sales, camp-ins, inventory, and even cleaning. Elaine is also a leading force within the Volunteer Advisory Council which contributes to the daily operations and special events at MOST. Elaine’s loyalty and reliability to the team at MOST has made her a leading force in all their volunteer needs.
Donald Murphy
Don has been volunteering at Crouse Hospital since 2010and has donated 5,475 hours of volunteer service to date. From transporting patients from the floors to their waiting vehicles, picking up labs and charts, to delivering flowers and greeting cards, Don is known to be one of the most dedicated, friendly, and outgoing volunteers at Crouse Hospital. Don trains many of Crouse Hospital’s student volunteers each summer inspiring them with stories, kindness, friendliness and helpfulness. Don lives Crouse’s mission, vision and values each day he volunteers.
Monica Johnson
Monica has been a volunteer and friend of AURORA since 2011 when she triumphed over her own vision loss. Monica has attained her personal goal of living independently and now inspires others through her speaking engagements for United Way. Monica makes personal sacrifices in order to accommodate speaking requests and she has become one of United Way’s most requested speakers. She has presented at schools, Lion’s Clubs, civic groups, human service agencies, business and churches.  She embodies volunteerism and assists in educating the community about the plight of people suffering with vision loss.